1. How far is the hotel from the downtown shopping areas and malls?

The nearest mall is No. 54, İstiklal Street; Demirören AVM. It is 15-20 minutes of walk from Meroddi Bağdatlıyan. Although İstiklal Street is full of shops, Demirören AVM groups hundreds of them under one roof, in a big, shiny building. The brands are diverse enough to appeal to anyone. Monday-Sunday, 10:00am-10:00pm.

If you are prepared to give half an hour for reaching a bigger mall, you may take the tube at Şişhane subway station and arrive at Şişli station, just the door of the İstanbul Cevahir Shopping and Entertainment Centre, among the world’s largest. For the list of shopping malls of Istanbul, click here.

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2. Do you think we should do shopping at Grand Bazaar?

Of course, Grand Bazaar is Istanbul’s original and best shopping mall, covering 60 blocks and over 5,000 shops.  This is where locals and tourists converge to buy things ranging from rugs to jewellery.

To buy a finest Turkish carpets, you need a sultan’s fortune, but don’t get discouraged. You will find something you like. But, tell the shop owners that you are not there to buy the most expensive thing in the shop; you are there to improve your bargaining skills; i.e. to share humour J This will be good start for an experience. But, while walking, do not forget to peep through doorways to discover hidden hans. (Such as Zincirli Han) If you could not find anything interesting to buy, even after 3 hours of strolling, you may go for “Turkish Viagra” (a mix of dates, figs and nuts).

And do not forget, the Grand Bazaar is open everyday except Sunday 09:00 -19:00

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